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Nanotube Circuitry (Nanotube)
By Pat
October 1st, 2002 7:41 PM


Some interesting news about the possible applications of nanotubes in circuitry using the welding technique reported earlier by the same group of researchers (and listed further down this page).  Thanks to nanoapex for the link.


Seems to me like the transistors of the future are going to come in many more varieties than they do now.



nanoTFT LCD (Nanotech)
By Pat
October 1st, 2002 7:54 PM


A replacement TFT (thin film transistor) component for LCD screens is possibly coming out soon from the IP company Nanolayers.  Nanolayers hopes to license the technology to manufacturers for mass productions.  In addition to lower power consumption, the molecular sized transistors can be manufactured with only minor refitting of plant equipment -- a big plus for the technology in a field where everyone is trying to make products which are similar in function.


Thanks to Nanoelectronics Planet for the heads up.

Nanotube Superconductive Possibilities (Nanotube)
By Pat
October 1st, 2002 8:02 PM


An interesting twist (heh... zigzag joke...) in superconductivity research happened when some researchers discovered that deforming the shape of an insulating nanotube can make it metallic and vice-versa, especially when hydrogen is involved.  The jury is still out if it can be done or not though... this is really a great time to be in nanotech research.


Cheers to Nanoelectronics Planet for the story.

The Casimir Effect (Nanotech)
By Pat
October 1st, 2002 9:45 PM


An interesting article from Nanotechweb about the Casimir effect.  The Casimir effect is a not-fully-explained phenomena where you get an attraction between two perfectly conducting, infinitely long parallel plates without any power being delivered to the plates.  Many theories exist to try to explain this phenomenon, but no universally accepted theorem exists.



Articles from the recent past

Potpourri (Nanotech and Nanotube)
By Pat
October 1st, 2002 10:17 PM


I took a short hiatus from making new links for a while, and I missed writing about some very interesting articles.  Here are three of them:


This article I saw originally on Nanoapex (I saw it on many other sites soon after that).  It talks about the development of a negative refractive index material which could allow microscopes (nanoscopes?  pointscopes?) to focus to a point in space.  So what happens to the Heisenberg uncertainty principal when you can observe a quantum particle in motion?  E-mail me if you have an opinion.


This other article is simply amazing if we can harness this power:  self replicating nanotubes... need I say more?  Thanks to Nanoapex for the link.


Lastly, but not leastly 8o), it appears that some people have figured out how to weld two swnt together.  Its weird running a correlation between this and welding from shop in high school...  Even more weird is that we can weld the nanotubes together, but we don't have the ability to move them into position to weld them.  Isn't that like running before you walk?  Thanks again to Nanoapex for the link.

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