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MIT Innovation center  (Nanotech)
By Pat
October 18, 2002 12:19 AM


MIT has started plans for a new center to help turn ideas into technologies that will attract more investment from companies.  This center which helps out their awesome nanotech dept among lots of other depts, is something that IMHO belongs in every University.  This should help people with great ideas get the break they need to be successful (It even provides funding for good ideas that don't have a proof of concept yet.).  You go, MIT!  Thanks to Nanotech-now for the news.



Nanotube Displays  (Nanotube)
By Pat
October 18, 2002 12:09 AM


The good folks at Applied Nanotech Inc. have developed a new nanotube composite which could be used in future display technologies.  This new composite offers lower power consumption than previous technologies, and it uses fewer nanotubes (which will make the composite cheaper to manufacture).  The nanotube display market is really getting hot.... Thanks to Nanoelectronics Planet for the news.


Neutron Holography (Nanotech)
By Pat
October 17, 2002 11:59 PM


Need really great detection of impurities in your material samples?  The Institute, Laue-Langevin, in Grenoble thinks that Neutron Holography might be your answer.  Not only will it offer great 3-D resolution of it target object, but it may also provide info of the magnetic properties of the target atoms.  Nanotech-now provided the link.


New Nanotube Composite (Nanotube)
By Pat
October 17, 2002 11:51 PM


A team led by Nicholas Kotov of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater has developed a very hard composite material which is six times stronger than carbon fiber and ranks among the hardest materials known (about as hard as SiC or TaC).  The carbon nanotube/carbon composite material is a start in what promises to be many new, super hard nanotube based materials.  This article brought to us by Nanotech-now.

More Nanotube displays (Nanotube)
By Pat
October 17, 2002 8:42 PM


Cetek and Motorola are teaming up IP to bring a new flat screen display to market.  This new display, based on nanotubes, would have the resolution of CRT displays, but the nanotube displays would be much more power efficient and cheaper to produce than active matrix LCD screens.  I can't wait to have a nanotube monitor or TV.  Thanks to Nanoelectronics Planet for the good news.

Photonic Twins (Nanotech)
By Pat
October 17, 2002 8:34 PM


Researchers at Stanford have found a way to coerce nearly identical photons from quantum dots.  This discovery may help light the way (heh, I made a funny... 8o) ) for optical computers since they would need photons which displayed almost identical properties for the optical gates to work correctly.  Thanks to Nanotech-now for the article link.



Articles from the recent past

Open-Source Nanotech (Nanotech)
By Pat
October 17, 2002 8:28 PM


Nanotitan is working on an open-source nanotech design utility.  This CAD program will be able to tell a designer how to build a device after given how the end device should perform.  They hope that they will do for nanotech what Netscape did for the WWW.  Thanks to Nanotech-now for the heads up.

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